Friday, October 8, 2010

The Bathroom...Finally!

After rushing through the work in our kitchen as quickly as we could, we sort of lagged on the bathroom.  It has been in that "almost finished" stage for several weeks now.  Finally, last night as I was on one of my cleaning rampages, Adam and I finally hung the bathroom mirror, and it's officially done.  The changes are not quite as dramatic as in the kitchen, perhaps, but I did promise to post pictures when it was complete, and here they are.



 I forgot to take pictures of our lovely towel bars/toilet paper holder until after I had ripped them out.  

We replaced them with basic brushed nickel hardware

We also replaced the Hollywood-style lightbar with this vanity bar.  I was pretty proud of that actually.  I ripped out all the lights/hardware/mirror myself, and did the spackling and painting.  I also wired the new bar in.  One of those things I never knew I could do! 

But here's the proof!

I was pretty proud of Adam, too.  He did the countertops and plumbing in there all on his own!
If I had it to do all over again, I would not change the cream-colored sink for white.  The cream one would have matched the cabinetry better (and saved us $, too!).  Live and learn, right?  I feel that overall, it's been a definite change for the better, and I am certainly glad that we are finally done with it!


Heather said...

Love this post. Confession: I saw your before picture and thought (for some odd reason) it was the after picture. I sat for a few seconds staring at it wondering why you would choose those colors and had to laugh once I realized. It looks amazing. You guys are talented and learning so many skills.

Crystal said...

That really is quite a difference! I love it! Fantastic job!