Sunday, November 1, 2009

Two Little Monkeys...

Happy Halloween from Colorado!!
Yep, this is a picture of our backyard taken earlier this week. Adam and a neighbor measured it, and we had 23" by Thursday afternoon. YIKES!! Luckily, it got up to the 50's on Halloween, but there is still plenty of snow on the ground.
My boys were both monkeys this year. Not nearly as fabulous as the golfer costume, but oh, well.
Here is monkey #1
And chunky monkey #2

And a couple of them together

We went trick-or-treating as a family around our neighborhood. Ty was really good at saying the right thing at the right time ("Trick-or-treat! Thank-you! Happy Halloween!"). He would not, however, accept any help carrying his treat bucket. As it got increasingly heavy, he was eventually dragging it, but still would not let us help. Stubborn kid. I wonder where he gets that from?!
Here he is with his loot


We also decorated pumpkins a couple of weeks ago, and I never posted pictures. We let Ty do his own little one with some stickers. He was VERY serious about it.

I thought it looked like something out of a Dr. Suess book!
And this is the one Adam and I did together. Adam gutted and I carved. We actually won my family's pumpkin carving contest this year--our first win ever! (The design is a barbershop quartet of ghosts, if you can't tell.)


Dev/Meg said...

Oh my goodness I can't believe you had all that snow...and I thought it was bad here in the Midwest!
Your little monkeys are so cute!

Allison said...

Love the monkeys and WHOA I had no idea that much snow was in your forecast. I guess your winter has started!

Heather said...

Those matching monkey costumes are great. Your pumpkin carving skills are impressive!

brandandbrit said...

Those costumes are so cute! I can't believe how much snow you got! We are going to Utah for Christmas! Are we still going to do our annual party?

Mari said...

Your little monkeys are so cute! And your snow, oh my goodness. And yes, we must have gone to the same dentist. Ha ha. It seems like I thought he was cute which might be why I lost interest after meeting Tyson...

Heather said...

love your monkeys and I love the SNOW!!!