Monday, November 30, 2009

Christmas is Coming

Thanksgiving weekend was great for lots of reasons--the food, the shopping, the extra time with Adam. But my very favorite thing about Thanksgiving weekend is that it seems to kick-off the Christmas season. I LOVE this time of year. So, we spent Saturday getting all geared up for it.
We hung the stockings by the mantle with care:
Aren't those stockings great, by the way? I bought them on clearance after Christmas last year. I actually bought a football one, too. I guess that means we can only have one more kid!!

And we set up our Christmas tree. We have always had a real tree since we have been married, but we bought an artificial tree at a garage sale this summer. Once Adam had it all set up, we both missed the sight and smell of a real tree so much that we promptly put it back in the box and posted it for sale on Craigslist! Then we went out and got this beauty instead:

No, no, not the baby, the tree! But the baby is pretty cute, too.

Such a goofball!

Now we are all set! Let the festivities begin!

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