Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday

I generally don't buy into the whole Black Friday thing. I value my sleep too much to fight the crowds at 5 AM! Last night Adam and I were looking through our ads and I was noticing there were a lot of super great deals at Target. Adam asked if I was going to get up early to shop. I said, "No way!" And then I amended my response to, "The only way I would go would be if McKay wakes up at 4:45 and I have to get up with him anyway, and even then I would probably still go back to bed!" Well, at precisely 4:45 AM, I heard McKay crying. It must have been fate! I got up and fed him, and then decided since I was up, I should go. I threw on a jacket and a hat and left the house, without even turning on a light to look at myself before leaving. Yikes.
Target was crazy. I was sure as soon as I pulled into the parking lot that there was no chance I would get what I was after. Without going into too many details (some of the things I bought are for family members who may well read this blog before Christmas!) I found EXACTLY what I was after, and I was in and out of Target in 20 minutes. It was unbelievable. So worth it. And I only had to hide from one person I recognized so she wouldn't see me in the state I was in!

Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving! Here are three of the things I am the very most thankful for:

(I know, this is a terrible picture, but unfortunately, it was the only one I took yesterday. And, no, we did not plan to have them all in red and white stripes. It was purely coincidental.)


Mari said...

Good for you! I totally think it's worth it to get up super early if there's something you want to buy. And lol at you having to avoid someone. That cracked me up.

Allison said...

Exciting about a new job. How many years did he do the "big 4" then? 3? And way to go on going out early Friday. I still haven't made the journey to join the crowds.