Saturday, July 18, 2009

There have been/will be FOURTEEN babies born in our ward this year.  No, this is not a BYU married student ward!  We just all decided to have babies at the same time!  Here are a few of them at church on Sunday.  McKay would not wake up, darn him.  I think he looks tons like my brother, Matt, in this picture.

Here are the boys getting ready for a double diaper change.  We do this multiple times a day.  I lay them both down and do them both at once.  It makes it so I don't feel like I am changing diapers all day long.

And here they are invading our bed.  It's a good thing they have their own beds, right?!


Mari said...

Ha! That sounds like our ward. Our bishop said that we've got 20 babes being born this year. Let's hope I don't get called into nursery a couple years from now...
I love the boys sleeping in your bed. So cute!

Anonymous said...

That is just like our ward with all the babies! Your boys could be twins! They look so much alike!