Thursday, July 9, 2009

Mini Golf

Last night was one of those rare times that we had nothing planned and no place to be.  We decided to take a little family outing to go miniature golfing.  It was interesting to golf one-handed, as I couldn't comfortably get two hands on the golf club with McKay strapped to my front.  Adam ended up winning big, and I was actually ok with that!  Ty had the most fun of all.  He cried all the way home for his yellow golf ball that disappeared down hole 18.  

On another note, Mac has started doing this lately:
And can I just say that I LOVE it!  Most parents don't want their kids to suck their thumbs, but I am a big fan.  It has turned McKay from a pretty fussy, high-maintenance baby into a very easy one!  Every time he starts to get fussy now, he pops the thumb in his mouth, and our problems are solved.  Besides, I think it's stinking cute!  Ty did the same thing at about this age, and he quit when he got teeth so I never had to break him of the habit.  Let's hope I get that lucky the second time around!


Chanda & Curtis Moore said...

I LOVE thumb suckers!

John and SJ said...

Brady sucks his thumb too. I tried soooo hard to get him to take a pacifier when he was younger, but alas, he knew what he wanted...that cute thumb. It really is great!!!

Allison said...

Mini golfing is the best. We went the day before Kate was born.

Maybe for the next birthday/holiday you should invest in some colored golf balls that don't disappear. :) Or those practice ones that are lightweight could be good too.