Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I still have a few pictures to post from our Utah trip. This is what happens when we go to Grammie's house:

My mom taught Ty how to say, "I love fudge," when he was 18 months old. Now every time he talks to her on the phone, that phrase is the first thing out of his mouth!

This is a great Marchant family tradition. Every fourth of July, Adam's younger brother, Spencer, throws a cream pie in Adam's face! I'm not sure exactly how that got started, but it has been going on for many years! Since we weren't going to be around on the fourth, Spencer got Adam the night before we left to head back to Colorado. It was great! :) When Ty came into the room and saw Adam with cream all over his head, he looked at him and said, "Mess!" We tried to re-create it on video, but you have to listen closely to hear Ty.

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