Saturday, November 1, 2008

Just One More Halloween Post

We went trick or treating last night with some friends of ours from our ward. Ty caught on to the idea pretty quickly, and began cutting across yards to get to those doors as fast as possible! He racked up quite a bit of loot. When we got home, we combined the candy from all of the parties that we have been to this year with what he collected last night. It was a small mountain! It was enough to fill my very largest mixing bowl. Yikes!

Each Halloween, my family has a pumpkin carving contest. A small monetary reward for the winner has inspired lots of really creative pumpkins! This year, Adam actually decorated a pumpkin instead of carving it:

I tried to carve Cinderella's castle, in honor of our recent Disneyland vacation:
But the winner was my very talented 13-year-old brother, Matt, with his pumpkin, "The Joker."
Fun traditions! I love Halloween and I am a bit sad it's all over, but the wonderful thing is Thanksgiving is just around the corner!


The Marchants said...

I don't think we realize what a crazy holiday this is until we have kids. We buy candy to give away, so our kids can collect tons, that we have to take away, and end up eating it ourselves! It's awesome! We hear you're coming in a couple weeks - we are excited to see you guys again.

Ingrid said...

Hey! I just found your blog on someone's list. Ty is sooo cute. I love the golfing outfit. I'm sure he can't eat all that candy by himself. #2 on the way? Way to go! I think the baby wants some candy :) I hope all is well with you guys.