Saturday, November 22, 2008

Blue vs. Red

Yes, today is THE game. It's the once a year event that splits our family in half!! Last year, Adam and I decided that we couldn't dress Ty in red or blue, because we were arguing so much about what color to put him in for the big game! This morning, Adam offered to get Ty ready for the day. I didn't think much of it, until I saw him come out of his room like this:

Considering Ty doesn't have any Utah gear, this was the best Adam could do. So much for neutrality in our children, huh? I am getting my revenge by making sure Ty reads this book repeatedly:
Go cougars!! Lets keep the winning streak vs. Utah alive and make sure the Utes do NOT get into a BCS game!!


Mari said...

Let's be honest, with 10 min left in the game I'm praying for a miracle. Remind Adam that you are preg and can't take the stress of heckling on the off random chance that satan, I mean, the utes win today.

Mbeth said...


Doug said...

Way to go Adam! Ty looks very good in RED. I even have an idea of what to get him for Christmas. We need to be sure to keep the RED Marchant blood flowing.