Thursday, November 6, 2008

Election Day Results

I have to be honest and say that the evening of November 4th was not a very happy one for me.   Adam and I both requested mail-in ballots, and then we spent hours upon hours studying all the issues and candidates together while we filled in our ballots at home.  I have never in my life spent so much time and thought on an election.  Just a disclaimer, I am generally pretty conservative in my political views.  I was disappointed, then, when Colorado voted strongly Democrat for almost all the issues and candidates.  Not that I think I wasted my time by preparing carefully to vote, I just wish that something I voted for had passed!!  The only good news of the night for me was that Prop 8 passed in California.  WAY TO GO!!


Everyday Thoughts said...

Yeah I agree with you! I wasn't happy either. We had two proposals here in Michigan that I really studied and felt strongly against and both past....not to mention the choice of President. Oh well. God knows and He holds the future:)

Nate and Jessica said...

Thank goodness about Prop 8. I cry when I think too much about it all. By the way, my vote on the poll thing on your blog is the boy vote. YOu wait and see.