Thursday, October 30, 2008

Tagged Again

It seems as though there have been a lot of tags going around again lately.  I have been tagged several times with the "fourth photo tag" but have been putting it off because I was a little scared of what I would find!  Apparently, my fear was justified!  Here's how it works:  you go into your "my photos" folder and pull up the fourth picture of the fourth folder, and then explain what it's about.  

This happens to be one of my bridals.  Yep.  I was feeling a little antsy after trying to look pretty all morning.  I found this random plastic axe and decided to pose.  That's all.  I've never been known to be overly serious!

Husband Tag

1.  Where did you meet your husband?  In the BYU library.  My roommate, Sarajane, was an accounting major and told all of us that lived together that we ought to study on the first floor (accounting lab) because there were so many good-looking guys there.  That's where we first met, but then I needed SJ to get the ball rolling for me because I wasn't too keen on the idea of dating Adam right at first.
2.  How long did you date before you were married?  Started dating in November, engaged in February, married in June.  7 months all together.
3.  How long have you been married?  3 1/2 years
4.  What does he do that surprises you?  He is always doing nice things for me, like bringing me flowers and rubbing my feet.  When we went to California a couple of weeks ago, he surprised me with a professional massage at the spa in our hotel!
5.  What is his best feature?  I love that he is blonde, and I also love how tall he is!
6.  What is his best quality?  So many good ones...probably just that he is so good.  He's a very righteous man.
7.  Does he have a nickname for you?  He only calls me Meg or Meggie, rarely ever Meggin.
8. What is his favorite food?  He loves almost every food, except for cherries and squash.  His favorites are probably steak and burgers.
9.  What is his favorite sport?  He is a sports man, that is for sure!  He loves them all, but tennis and basketball are probably the favorites.
10.  When and where was your first kiss?  In December 2004, on the U of U campus. 
11.  What is your favorite thing to do as a couple?  Watch Utah Jazz games!
12.  Do you have any children?  Our sweet Ty, and baby #2 to come in April.
13. Does he have any hidden talents?  Well he thinks he is a good dancer!  :) He makes Ty and me laugh and laugh when he dances!
14.  How old is he?  27.
15.  Who said I love you first?  He did.
16.  What is his favorite music?  He listens to sports radio when he is alone, or when we are together we listen to country.
17.  What do you admire most about him?  He's a GREAT husband and father.
18.  What is his favorite color?  Red.
19.  Will he read this?  Probably.
20.  Who do you tag?  My Colorado girls!  Kim, Julie, Lindsey, Katie, Wylie, Casey.  Annie, if you read this and decide you ever want to post again, you too!  ; ) 

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Katie Ross said...

Didn't know I would get sucked in just by reading...and I was so enjoying it, too...Love the dish on Adam, btw...