Wednesday, March 13, 2013


I haven't posted in a while, obviously.  Adam got called to be the Bishop of our ward last Sunday.  It has been overwhelming, to say the least.  We knew about it for two weeks before he actually got called and sustained in church, and it was a rough time!  We both felt humbled beyond anything we have ever experienced.  We are so young.  So inadequate.  We cried.  A lot.  We prayed.  A lot.  It was two weeks I would never, ever want to repeat.
Then Sunday came.  Adam was called, sustained, ordained a High Priest, and set apart as the Bishop.  And over the last few days we have felt a different sort of overwhelmed.  We have been overwhelmed by the number of hugs, the people who have stopped by with cookies and small gifts, the countless offers to watch our kids, the number of people who have expressed confidence, the uplifting emails, text messages, facebook messages, and letters that have come in the mail.  I have never experienced anything like that, either.  It has been beautiful and encouraging.  And though I still have my doubts about myself and my endurance capabilities for the next five years (yikes!--one day at a time, right?!), I have been given the confidence that with the support of this unbelievable ward of ours, we just might make it.


Mari said...

Oh wow Meggin. Like, whoa. You are going to be an amazing bishops wife, I just know it! And I don't know adam well of course but The Lord knew what He was doing. Good luck my friend! I'll shoot a prayer or two your way :)

MamaT said...

Wow...that is a lot. He will do great and so will you!

C.J. said...

Adam will be a wonderful Bishop and I am confident that the Lord will bless and sustain your family as you all embrace this call. This is no surprise to me at all! I love Adam and have been convinced for years that he will serve in many important capacities. May you all be uplifted and strengthened as you serve!