Monday, March 18, 2013

Playing Catch-Up

I've been a bit overwhelmed the last few weeks, which is the primary reason for my lack of posting.  But there are a few things that I still want to backtrack and document here.
First off, Adam had a birthday!  And because I have had a few people say to me, "I have to know.  How old is Adam anyway?"  He just turned 32 about two weeks before he was made Bishop.  We had a fun, low-key celebration with just our family.  We went to Red Robin for dinner, then had Coldstone cupcakes and opened presents.  
I am realizing more and more how unlikely it is to get a good picture of everyone all at once.  So I decided to include this one.  Because I usually delete a good ten pictures like this before I get a semi-decent one.

Next up, a little project.  Right before Matt came to live with us, we bought this little unfinished-wood dresser at Ikea for Ty.  He told us when we bought it that he would like us to paint it blue for him.  Then we had the task of consolidating both boys into one bedroom, getting a room ready for Matt, and then painting and decorating a nursery for Annie.  Painting Ty's dresser was all but forgotten.  Recently, though, Ty has been asking if we could paint it.  And when I picked him up from school one afternoon and he requested that we go to Home Depot so he could choose out a paint color, it seemed like as good of time as any!  So this was my little project the week before Adam was called.  It was hugely therapeutic for me to have a project and work with my hands.

I painted it the shade of blue that Ty chose, then sanded the edges a bit, and replaced the wooden knobs with baseball, basketball, and soccer ball ones.  Ty loves it.
 Lastly, Annie hit the 9-month mark.  So here are a handful of pictures of her over the last month.  She is really growing into herself and has a super cute personality.  It seems as though her hair is finally starting to sprout, too.  She still doesn't have tons, but there is sweet little duck fuzz growing quickly!



She LOVES to stand up.  She is still showing no signs whatsoever of crawling, but she is really stable on her feet.  She only needs one finger to hold onto, and she can stabilize herself well.  She's starting to cruise the furniture, too.  I think she will be like Ty--skip the crawling stage altogether and go straight to walking.  I give her two months max before she's motoring around.

Nine Months

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Kami said...

Your kids are adorable! So fun to catch up with you on your blog.