Thursday, January 17, 2013

7 Months

Another month has come and gone, and Annie decided to celebrate by getting sick.  Boo.  Tuesday morning I was rocking Annie and thinking to myself how absolutely blessed we are that, barring a little nasal congestion, she has never been sick in her entire life.  Tuesday night she threw up six times, and I am pretty sure there is nothing worse than watching a little baby throw up.  When she woke up yesterday morning, though, she was perfectly fine.  She was happy as ever, wasn't running a fever, and had stopped the vomiting.  She had no appetite whatsoever, though.  I couldn't get her to eat almost at all yesterday.  Before bed last night, she finally nursed well, but then was up just a couple hours later throwing up again.  Then she SCREAMED most of the night, refusing to eat or be comforted.  It was miserable.  She slept a few hours this morning, and seems happy again today, but is still not eating anything.  I am taking her to the doc this afternoon.  

ANYWAY, she was seven months old as of yesterday.

And she's sitting up now!  It's the first major milestone that she beat her brothers to--neither of them sat up until they were between 7 and 8 months, but Annie started sitting independently by 6 1/2 months.

She had her 6-month well check a few days ago (yep, we were a bit late on that!).  Her 6-month stats (at almost 7 months!):

Height:  27" (75%)
Weight:  14 lb. 1oz. (9.5%)

So she's still kind of a little bug.  Those two bottom teeth finally popped through, too, about three or four weeks ago.  In the last month she's also picked up an adorable low-pitched growl and a lip-vibrating hum that sounds like a car motor.  And while she's awake, she's usually making one or the other of those sounds.
Call me maybe?
Can you see the teeth in this one?

Annie is easily our worst sleeper yet, but I guess having a girl has to have some sort of price tag affixed!  Even when she isn't sick, she doesn't sleep through the night.  I put her to bed between 7:30 and 8, and she is always up at least one during the early morning hours, and usually 2 or 3 times.  I like to remind Adam on an almost daily basis that both boys were sleeping 8PM-8AM (or later!) at this point.  Oh, well.  She's lucky we like her so much!


Ashleigh Kaiser said...

I'm dying! She's an absolute doll!!! I can't wait to play with her at Disneyland!!!

Meggin K said...

She looks just like you, Ash!! That's why you think she's so cute!

Shannon Gish said...

Oh.My.Heavens. She is cutie-pie. I wish we lived back in Denver so we could offer babysitting to your sweet boys and little Annie.