Friday, January 4, 2013

Day at the Museum

My grandma usually gives us cash for Christmas each year, and each year we generally use some of it to do something fun for the kids.  This year, we decided to purchase an annual family pass to the Denver Children's Museum.  And since winter break this year is loooooong, we went up to the museum yesterday morning to get out of the house.  

McKay at the Kinetics! exhibit, which both boys later said was their favorite part of the museum. 
Ty playing in Kinetics!
The boys also got to play checker at the grocery store,
Dress up and play in an anthill,
Play in the bubble room (which is my favorite exhibit), and put themselves inside a bubble!
Here's McKay mid-pop!
They drove trains,
Donned tap shoes and danced,
And dressed up as firefighters and drove the fire truck! (This is McKay shrugging Ty off when Ty was trying to put his arm around him--this was our last stop of the day and Mac was pretty tired and crabby by this point!)

And Annie Jane spent the morning like this, much of the time asleep.  I know, you are shocked, right?  :)
It was a fun morning, and it will be nice to be able to go back as much as we want this year!

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