Friday, March 16, 2012

On Pregnancy

This pregnancy has been far more pleasant for me than my previous two have been.  The main reason for that, I think, is that it has taken me far longer to get big this time around than it did with my boys.  There are two main factors for this:  1.) I was sick longer than I was with my boys, so it took me longer to start gaining weight (at my 16 week appointment I still had yet to gain anything) and 2.)  I have been diligent about working out, even when I'd much rather be in bed asleep!  As a result, I just feel better.  Don't get me wrong, I am definitely big, but I just feel like I am a more reasonable size than I have been in the past.
In direct correlation with this, another reason why I am enjoying this pregnancy more is that the people around me seem to be so much nicer!  I should seriously consider writing a book on what NOT to say to a pregnant woman, things like:

"Are you carrying twins?"
"If I were you, I would start writing sub plans, because there is no way you are going to be able to finish the school year and make it to your due date."
"You still have TWO MONTHS?!  Wow!"
"You look uncomfortable."
"You look like you are about to pop."

And, yes, these are all comments that people have actually said to me during my first two pregnancies.  You know, I have always wondered why it is a societal faux pas to tell someone that they are fat, but somehow it's totally ok to say those types of things to a pregnant woman.  Listen folks, it makes a pregnant woman feel like crap when you tell her she is huge!!
In contrast, people have been so, so kind to me this time.  I have had more of these kind of comments:

"You are tiny!"
"You only have three months to go?  Wow, you look really great!"
"I hope I am as cute as you when I am pregnant!"

Now, I totally recognize the fact that some the vast majority of these comments are a flat out lie.  And I have always hated the saying Ignorance is Bliss.  But in this scenario, keep feeding me the happy lies!  ;-)  It makes it so much easier to be pregnant when you get that sort of feedback!  And let's be honest, I am only going to get bigger and more uncomfortable from here on out, so I will enjoy the positive comments while they last!

I have never posted, or even taken, belly pictures before, in large part because in the past I have been so self-conscious about how I look.  But because I am feeling better this time around, I have taken, and will now post, a couple.  This may be the first and last time I do this, but for posterity's (and my family in Utah's) sake, here we go:

20 weeks

Today, 27 1/2 weeks


Ash said...

ohhhh cute little preggy!!! You do look really good! I can't wait to see you!

Nichols Family said...

You ARE tiny! Nothing false about it. Sigh... while you are having your most healthy pregnancy I'm stuffing my face with junk and jiggling around more than jello jigglers. No bueno. BUT, good for you for being so healthy. I love it. What an inspiration.

Brian, Emily, Charlie, and Lucy said...

Um, from one one pregnant lady to another -- you DO look AMAZING! You mentioned you are due June 12? I'm due on June 11th! And no lie, I am about twice as big as you right now. I'm so glad this pregnancy has been better for you! Yay for June girls!

Beth said...

Well, I see you pretty regularly and have actually often completely forgotten that you're even pregnant. I know that sounds ridiculous -- but you seriously look great! Way to go on working out regularly; you are awesome. :-)

Kim said...

Not going to lie, I kind of hate your skinny self right now. :) Ok, I could never hate you but seriously I look as big as you and I am 12 weeks. :( You totally deserve it though you do work hard and lets be honest...I don't. I WILL though after this baby....hopefully...:)

Mari said...

Um, yeah you're adorable and tiny and I hate you. No I don't, I love you even though I'm twice your size and like 2 months behind you. I'm in denial that I totally deserve it since I sit around eating hot fudge sundaes and doritos all day. I need to use you as motivation to keep working out.