Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Coupon. It's a verb.

I am slightly reluctant to share this, since this is, after all, a family blog and not a coupon blog.  But, at the encouragement of my sister, I will.  I have a friend who is an extreme couponer, and yesterday, she gave me a lesson in how to get free stuff.  Since she gave me all the coupons and told me where to go, I figured I would give it a try.  So, ta-da! Here is my success story of the day:

And the breakdown:

7 Yakisoba noodle dinners:  free
2 Frank's hot sauces:  free
4 Dove candy bars:  free
1 Suave kids' shampoo: $1
1 Olay facial cleansing wipes:  $2.99 (This was my big splurge of the day--I figured they would be perfect to take on vacation, which is coming soon!!)
3  Blue Bell ice creams:  $1.99 Each

Grand total:  $11.01 after tax.  Not bad considering the ice cream is normally $6/carton alone!

And speaking of free stuff, my cute neighbor gave me these today:

We were talking at the gym this morning about gardening.  I mentioned that I wanted to start my own vegetable garden this year, and she dropped these by a couple hours later!  How nice is that?!


Beth said...

Way to coupon! I am always impressed by that. I DO think it is a verb -- it's a talent, seriously.

And that tomato kit looks great! I want to ease into gardening this year solely for the homegrown tomatoes. Ain't nothin' better.

Kim said...

Couponing is an addiction! :) Be careful!!! haha We wanted to do a little garden for the girls this year. SO we put some seeds in dirt. No prepping it or anything....we will see how that works! I can't wait for your trip, be safe!