Thursday, July 8, 2010

Play Time!

Since Adam had Monday off of work, we decided we wanted to do something really fun as a family. After much consideration, we decided on the Children's Museum. I have friends who don't think it's all that great, but we had a super fun time!

The fire truck was the boys' definite favorite spot in the museum.

Ty LOVED driving it! He kept shouting, "Look, I'm 16!" (Heaven help us all when he really is!)

He also loved the fire hose.

McKay mostly loved the "doggie".

The boys played at the grocery store, too. Ty went shopping...

...and Mac ran the register. So many buttons to push!

Then we checked out the bubble center. Ty loved being inside a bubble!

So while Ty made bubbles,

and dressed up like an ant,

...McKay had fun checking out the baby area

We had such a fun time! Wouldn't it be nice if Daddy had every Monday off?!

1 comment:

A little Birdie... said...

Oh you're so funny! We do like it, really! Its just like going to taco bell when you already know what Cafe Rio tastes like! (Maybe a bad analogy?)

Was that bubble part so fun? When we went it wasn't finished yet,but seemed like it would be so much fun. It looks like you guys had a blast!!