Sunday, January 31, 2010

Hasta La Vista January!

I pretty much hate January. I feel like it is such a letdown of a month after the Christmas season ends. It is cold, gray, and ugly. There are no holidays (except MLK day, and Adam doesn't even get that off of work, so it doesn't really count), and it just seems so LONG! Needless to say, I am glad that tomorrow is February. Not that I expect a sudden change in the weather or anything, but it is just mental for me. January is behind us for another whole year!
Besides the BLAH factor of the year's first month, this last week has just been horrendous. Both my kids have been sick. McKay has been running a fever since Wednesday night, along with a snotty nose. He has been super whiny and clingy, so I have to hold him constantly. Ty has picked up the nasty nose, too, and has a bad cough. NOT FUN. Hopefully we are on the up swing, and this next week will be better!
To dissipate my negativity, there have been two great things that have happened this month. 1. NO BUSY SEASON!!! Do I need to say more? We have actually seen Adam this month! 2. Ty is potty trained! We entered the month in diapers, and are exiting it completely potty trained, even at night! I could not be happier about this!
And, of course, no post would be complete without some cute pictures!

"I'm a basketball player, Mommy!" (Never mind that his shoes are 15 sizes too big and on the wrong feet!)

Ty has been way into PlayDough lately. I am not a huge fan. It is so messy! Adam has been so kind to play it with him (and clean it up!) every night for the past several days.


Melissa said...

We are seriously on the same wavelength! Check out some of my last posts :)

Congrats on the potty stuff! It only gets better!

Jenni said...

You don't like play-dough!? We can't be friends!

Katie and Brandon said...

I agree, January is a stupid month. I'm glad it's over too!

The Marchants said...

I don't care for play dough either. So, what exactly was your potty training method? I need some tips before I start!

MamaT said...

Hooray for Ty! Cody took a little longer at night, but my goodness it is so nice. So is the gray ugliness what we have to look forward to if we move there? It is kind of a novelty for us with so much sun.

Sarah Keith said...

We are being SURPRISED! Charity is having her 4th 10 days before me and she is really hoping for a boy (since she has 3 girls) so she decided to not find out so she wouldn't get sad if it was a girl and then she would just be happy when the baby come whatever it was. So she asked me to not find out with her and since I don't care whether it is a girl or a boy--I agreed! It actually makes it really fun! Although I liked finding out too! It keeps me in suspense. Did you find out with your two boys?? How is it having 2 boys?? I am a little nervous for that, but Micah is sure hopeful!

Mary Ann (Crockett) Ahlstrom said...

HOW in the WORLD did he escape busy season for January?! Maybe I don't want to know. So jealous! How are you?