Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sleep Talker

Ty says some funny things in his sleep. Those of you who are former roommates of mine know that he totally inherited this from me! Usually what happens with Ty is that he lets out a ridiculous scream and then starts talking like crazy. He generally repeats the same phrase over and over while he cries. His eyes don't open; he is never awake. Some of my recent favorites:

"The Scream", followed by, "I want to finish my noodles!" This was repeated over and over until I assured him he could finish his noodles in the morning!

Again, bawling like crazy, "Pluto's lost Mommy! I can't find Pluto anywhere!" What a nightmare, huh?

And my favorite of all, recently Ty jumped into bed with us in the early morning hours before we were up. He fell asleep in between us, and then woke us up crying with his legs stuck literally straight up in the air. He was screaming, "I can't wear 'em! I can't wear 'em!" I tried to get him to put his legs down, and he just fought me and screamed louder. Whatever, little man.

And speaking of crazy sleepers, yesterday Mac woke up with a handprint marked so deep into his face that you could see the outline of his fingernails. Could that have possibly been comfortable?

Ahh, I love these little boys! They are my greatest source of both entertainment and exasperation!


Marianne said...

We call those hand marks "body gloves"! :D Your boys are so cute!

Dev/Meg said...

Sleep talkers are my favorite! I always get a kick out of the things people say in their sleep because it NEVER makes sense!