Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Utah Summer Games

We recently returned from a super fun trip to visit our families in Utah.  The Marchant side of the family all met down in Cedar City to participate in the Utah Summer Games.  Adam, his dad, his five brothers, and a friend played on a basketball team together.  Some of the kids and two of my sisters-in-law ran in track events, and Dwight (Adam's dad) swam a couple of races.  I didn't participate, but I cheered loud!!
My mother-in-law held a "junior olympics" for all the grandkids, too.  She obviously put in a ton of preparation, and it was a big success!  The kids all had a blast.   

Grandma explains the "Hammer Throw"

The Cracker Race.  Each kid had to eat a cracker and then blow the whistle when they were done.  YUCK!

Ty took his time eating his cracker.  He didn't quite get the whole race idea!

The "Discus" throw

The Marchant guys playing ball

My boys did a great job at all the basketball games we hauled them to!

The Team:  Sean, Bry, Lucas, Greg, Adam, Dwight, and Spence.  Russ is missing because he was watching his son compete in another event.

My Athletic Boys!

No, Ty is not showing off his medal.  He is trying to rip it off his neck!

Grandpa won two gold medals in swimming!  

Grandma and Grandpa brought a pinata for the kids.  So fun!

We had a blast playing in Cedar City.  Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for making it happen!

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Dev/Meg said...

How fun! My family used to go to those games and it was a blast.