Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Grammatical Errors

No, I am not an English major, but I have serious issues when people make grammatical errors.  I am sure I have made my share on this blog, too, so this may come back to haunt me, but here are the mistakes that drive me CRAZY!!

1.  When people say "a whole nother".  I hear this one a LOT.  What's a "nother" anyway, people?  The proper way to say this phrase is "another whole."
2.  Mixing up to/too/two.  I don't usually see the number (two) get mixed up as much as the others do.  "Too" means also.  "To" doesn't.
3.  Mixing up there/their/ they're.  "There" refers to location, as in to go over there.  "Their" is possessive, as in their house or their car.  "They're" is a contraction of they and are.  For example, they're going on vacation.
4.  Improper use of apostrophes.  This is probably my number one pet peeve.  I can't stand it that people throw in an apostrophe any time a word ends in the letter "s".  I was visiting my parents' ward yesterday, and there was a basket in the mothers' room that said, "Mom's Helping Mom's."  ???   That translates to "Mom is Helping Mom is."  See how little sense that makes?  An apostrophe should be used to show possession, as in "Mom's shirt," indicating that shirt belongs to mom.  It should also be used for contractions when the word "is" is being included with another word.  Example:  "Mom's silly."  An apostrophe should NOT be used anytime a word ends in the letter "s".  Please.  Don't.

And that's all for my venting today.  Please feel free to correct my grammar anytime.  I welcome it!!


Annie said...

Here's another one I just saw and see all the time: "definatly" (or "definately"). It's an I, not an A...definItely!

Allison said...

The two/to/too and the their/there/they're are the ones that get me. Although I got a card the other day that said meat instead of meet. :) Thanks for sharing your frustrations.
As far as Annie's comment goes...I can never remember how to spell definitely. (is that right?)

Mari said...

YES! There are so many errors out there that drive me crazy. I'm always terrified to say something though because I'm sure as soon as I do I'll miss a few errors in my own writing. One that I've seen a TON lately is loose or looses when the person actually means lose or loses. Dude. No.

brandandbrit said...

Meggin, you are so funny. I will try and be better with my grammar. I know I stink at it. Please don't hate me when I'm not smart though:)