Tuesday, April 28, 2009


8:00 PM:  Ty is put to bed, and McKay wakes up
8:15 PM:  Ty is put to bed again
10:00 PM:  McKay is put to bed
10:05 PM:  McKay wakes up
10:25 PM:  McKay is put to bed again
11:00 PM:  After unsuccessfully trying to keep myself awake to watch game 5 of the Jazz/Lakers series, I fall asleep on the couch
12:00 AM:  Adam wakes me up, and I move to the bed
12:45 AM:  Ty is crying, Adam gets up
1:00 AM:  Adam wakes me up with, "I think Ty threw up."
1:05 AM:  Ty DEFINITELY threw up.  I change his pajamas, Adam takes the sheets and blankets off his bed, we try to calm him down
1:20 AM:  I start a load of pukey laundry
1:30 AM:  Ty is put back to bed, Adam and I lie back down
1:45 AM:  McKay is awake, ready to be fed
2:00 AM:  While changing his diaper, McKay decides to poop all over his pajamas
2:15 AM:  McKay is clean, fed, and goes back down
2:30 AM:  McKay is awake AGAIN
2:45 AM:  McKay goes back down
3:00 AM:  After reassuring me that Ty does NOT have swine flu, I finally fall asleep
5:00 AM:  McKay is awake and ready to eat again
5:30 AM:  McKay goes back down
7:15 AM:  Ty is awake for the day

Any questions why we are EXHAUSTED??!!


Jeff Jardine said...

Ummmmm...maybe I can postpone this second-child thing for about ten years?

Heather said...

ahhh how frustrating...I am tired and I only have one / and not a newborn at that...

Justin Bradley said...

All I can say is "wait until you have 3." It gets infinitely more fun. And if you think that the oldest one will be sleeping through the night before that time, think again!!

We basically just don't sleep at our house!! It's super fun!!
Justin Bradley

Allison said...

What a snapshot of your night/day/life! I would probably need to be reassured about the flu thing too, even though I would know he didn't have it. Hope the two boys take a nap at the same time today!

Melissa and Will said...

Gosh, you poor thing! We feel for you. . .it's been a month so far for us of exhaustion. It hasn't gotten better yet but I've gotten used to it which really has helped. Just keep going and sleep when Ty sleeps. . .you'll get through this! Oh, try gas drops if you already haven't tried that for McKay. They're miracle medicine!

Marianne said...

Anytime you have to do laundry at 1:20 in the morning it is NOT a good day! :) Good luck!

Dev/Meg said...

Yeah, I was wondering if you could watch Brooke for us all next week...ha ha. Ok, I really wouldn't do that to you. Wow Meg, I don't know what to say. That is pure crazyness!

Kim said...

Oh sad! If you guys need a break give me a call!!!

Sarah Keith said...

Well, Asher is 7 months and I am still up 4-5 times a night with him! I feel ya girl! I am proud of you for being such a good mommy of two!

Doug said...

Wow, I am exhausted just reading that. What a night!

Annie said...

YIKES. What a night! But how could you appreciate the good nights if you never had bad ones, I guess?