Monday, April 6, 2009

Another Update

Well, Baby Brother has not yet made his debut, and I am mostly ok with that.  Though I am enormous and uncomfortable, I am not nearly as anxious to get this guy out as I was with Ty. Mostly, I want my mom to get here before I have him so that Ty has some stability in his life instead of being passed around among friends while I am in the hospital.  She arrives next Tuesday, so anytime after that will be great!  I am going to be induced next Thursday if the baby does not arrive sooner.  That means in 10 days max we will have two kids.  Crazy!!
We have narrowed down the name choices considerably, but are still not dead set on one.  I added a poll to see what everyone else thinks his name should be.  Honestly, it probably won't influence our decision, but I am just curious to see what other people like!
Ty is growing up more and more every day!  Here are a couple of cute pictures I took at playgroup recently:

Sleeping in the "big boy bed" is still a work in progress.  I finally got so tired of fighting Ty to stay in bed at naptime that I relegated him back to the crib for his nap.  He does pretty well at staying in bed at night for the most part.  A couple of weeks ago, I put him to bed, and then went to check on him about 30 or 40 minutes later.  I hadn't heard any noises at all, so I assumed he was asleep.  I went into his bedroom, and he was sitting by his night-light with a huge stack of books reading to himself!  After that experience, we haven't used the night-light anymore!  It has seemed to help that he can't see anything in his room, but then last week, I found him like this when I went in to check on him: 

Yep, he can't open his door yet, so he just curled up directly in front of it and fell asleep. Honestly, most nights aren't like this, but occasionally, he does something to surprise us.  He certainly keeps life interesting!  

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Everyday Thoughts said...

First off, I can't wait to see your new little guy. How exicting! Second, we are planning on putting Caleb in a "big boy bed" this coming summer so it is fun (and a little nerve racking) to see your stories about Ty's "sleeping". I am sure I will have some of my own when that time comes as well. Good luck with labor and will be in my thoughts and prayers!!