Monday, March 31, 2008

Bag Tag

Well, there have been all sorts of blogging "tags" going around. This one was a little different, and quite silly, I thought. But hey, Ty is napping, my house is reasonably clean, and I don't have much on my agenda for today! The rules for bag tag are to get the bag you carry around, empty it and take a picture (no editing here!), and list the contents. This is my glamorous diaper bag that I received from the hospital when Ty was born.

The contents: a changing pad, 3 books, 2 burp cloths, 4 boxes of crayons and a roll of masking tape (from my primary lesson yesterday), wipes, 2 diapers, a baby hairbrush, various toys (several teething rings, a couple rattles, a ball, keys, stuffed rabbit), a pack of gum, a container of Lucky Charms (a sacrament meeting necessity!), a notebook and two pens, ointment, a pair of socks, lip gloss, a handful of change, a bracelet and a necklace (these were deposited there after I got sick of Ty yanking on them).
Thanks Jess, for the excuse to clean out my bag! Only about half of the stuff that came out actually went back in!
I tag Casey, Tami, Heather, Mari, Kim, and anyone else that wants to particpate!!


The Coopers said...

Haha! That is great! I am not sure what hidden treasures I will find in the depths of my bag :)

Mari said...

Well, this is as good an excuse as any to clean out my purse! I know, I know, after I confess the contents to the world.

Annie Webb said...

I think I was tagged with this a long, long time ago but I never did it....

Hey, I want to invite you to my personal blog but I need your email address. Will you send me an email at (my junk mail one-don't like to post my real email address) and I will make sure to get you on the list?