Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Ty's Saucer

For Christmas, Ty's Grammy and Toogie gave him this exersaucer. It really is the perfect toy for him! He loves it because it keeps him upright in a standing position, plus there's so much to do! Adam calls it his ADHD toy. All I know is that it helps me get the things done that I need to in the day!


Mari said...

Meggin!! I found you! I knew you must have a blog somewhere. You can't have a baby that cute without showing him off somehow. Good to "see" you!

Everyday Thoughts said...

Caleb has the same exersaucer and LOVES it! It is the perfect toy. Caleb is 7 months and just loves to be on his feet and where he can move and play with toys as much as he can. You are right, it does help with getting things done during the day! Hope all is well. You have a SUPER cute boy.
-Amy Starnes