Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Busy Season is Upon Us

Well, it's busy season! Technically, in the world of accounting, the busy season starts in January and lasts through March. We have been very fortunate in that Adam has been working reasonable hours up until now. I have been hearing horror stories from my friends in our ward who have husbands in accounting. Some of them have said their husbands aren't getting home until 2 or 3 AM! I feel very blessed that it hasn't been like that for us. Unfortunately, we can't completely escape the fact that it is busy season. Adam worked until about 10:30 last night, and the next two weeks will probably be like that. Still, I can handle 2 weeks when I was expecting it to be bad for 3 months!
Ty is 8 months old today. I swear I can watch the kid grow by the minute. He has 4 teeth coming through all at once, so he has been kind of grumpy. I guess that's just part of it. I took these videos of him today. Usually when he is in front of the mirror, he is just giddy. He'll beat on it with his hands and "kiss" it, meaning he tries to eat his reflection. He was really distracted by the camera today, though. Oh, well. I still think he's a cutie!

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