Monday, April 21, 2014


Our Easter was wonderful,  but my photo documentation of it was anything but.  On Saturday night we dyed eggs, and I did manage to get a few pictures of that.  

The Easter Bunny brought all the kids new jammies, and Annie put hers on on top of the pajamas she wore the night before.  I tried to get a picture of her, but she kept running away screaming, "No!"  So this was all I got, and it was the ONLY picture I took on Easter morning.  Mom fail.

My plan was to take pictures of all the kids in their church clothes right before we headed out to church.  Adam was long gone by that point, though, and since we have afternoon church, Annie had just woken up from her nap and wanted nothing to do with the camera, her brothers, or really anything besides her blankie.  So I got a couple quick shots of the boys, with the thought that we could get all three of them together after church.

But then I didn't get home from church until 4:30, and I had the elders AND the sisters coming over for dinner at 5:30.  The ham was supposed to cook for an hour and a half, I had fruit to cut, asparagus to steam, potatoes to bake (twice), rolls to get into the oven, turkey to trim, ribbon jello that still needed its final layer added, a table to set, and a baby who needed a diaper change.  In other words, the pictures were the last thing on my mind.  In fact, I didn't remember at all until they were in the bathtub.  Mom fail AGAIN.
But, even though I was a rotten photographer, we really did have a great day!  Adam was able to be home for quite a while in the morning--his first appointment wasn't until 10:30.  So the kids were able to hunt for eggs and we were able to have a nice breakfast together.  Church was great, and once the dinner was actually prepared, it was wonderful to have all four of our full-time missionaries in our home.  I LOVE Easter.  It really is one of my favorite days of the year.

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