Sunday, December 22, 2013

'Twas the Sunday Before Christmas...

...And Mom was in a lurch, trying to get three kids ready and smiling before church!

Annie wanted Mom to hold her, Ty wanted to read a book, McKay was refusing at the camera to look!

We had to give up without getting a photo that was first-rate.  Mom was yelling, "Load up!  We're going to be late!"
After church we tried again, and this was our best shot.  At least everyone was looking, while before they were not!

Then Annie took off running, and we got one of the brothers.  And what a miracle that at this moment they were getting along with one another!

Well, that's the best that the Marchant kids could do for today.  Now they are all in their jammies, and that's how they are planning to stay.

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Beth said...

Cute photos and I LOVE the rhymes.

We did our photos after church, too. ONLY ONE MORE SUNDAY OF 8:30 CHURCH -- can I get a hallelujah?? (I know I will be singing the blues of nap-missing in a month, but sheesh, 8:30-sometimes-8:00-if-that-crazy-choir-director-calls-an-early-runthrough is EARLY at this house!)