Sunday, December 15, 2013

Look Who's 18 Months Old!

...And headed to nursery!  Well, technically she's not officially 18 months until tomorrow, but since she was born four days late, and she was only born an hour after midnight (meaning if she would have come an hour earlier she's be 18 months today), and mostly since I was teaching Relief Society, I felt totally justified in sending her to nursery class today.  And I figured if anyone said anything about it (nobody did), I would just tell them that she had Bishop approval to start attending today.  Because, let's be honest,  there aren't THAT many perks to the calling, so you have to take advantage of the ones you can!

She was very proud of her paper that she colored.  Actually,  with the exception of her name and a little squiggle at the bottom of the page, it was devoid of all color.  But it was a picture of Jesus, and she loved it nonetheless.

And just because I think it's so fun, here are pictures of my other two on their first days of nursery, too!

I don't think I have ever been so excited about sending a kid off to nursery.  Having your husband serve as Bishop is sort of a game changer--here's to only one hour spent in the hall instead of three!!

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