Sunday, November 10, 2013

Getting Real

Chruch started out fabulously today.  We had our annual primary program during Sacrament Meeting, an opportunity for our children ages 4-11 to share their testimonies through word and song.  It was just beautiful.  Our primary presidency chose to have the children write their own parts this year, and it was extra special to be able to hear them share testimony through their own words, rather than a scripted part.  The music was wonderful.  Both my boys were on the front row of the stand, and from where I was sitting in the congregation I could literally hear their individual little voices singing each of the songs.  The icing on the cake for me was when my boys and Matt, along with a little girl and her aunt who will also soon be leaving on a mission, sang a medley of I Hope they Call Me On a Mission and I Want to Be a Missionary Now.  It was Matt's last Sunday in our ward before he gets to become a full-time missionary and report at the MTC.   Hearing and seeing him and my boys up there together destroyed me.  I was kind of a wreck, but in a great way!  It was so awesome!

But after Sacrament Meeting, things went down hill quickly.  I was asked to help out in our nursery since they were short-handed today.  I won't lie, it's not my favorite place to be.  So when church was over I wasn't in my very best mood.  Usually after church, the kids and I will go to the Bishop's office and check in with Adam, say a quick "hi" and "bye" before we take off.  Since we usually don't see him until late in the evening, it's really the only couple minutes we get with him until late on Sunday.  But Adam wasn't in his office after church, and we circled the building trying to find him.  I was carting my Sunday bag, the diaper bag, and Annie--probably 40 pounds worth of kid and stuff.  People kept asking me where my husband was, and I wanted to scream, "Do I LOOK like I know where my husband is?!"  Once we finally located our guy, we had our rendezvous, I located my then-missing son,  and we were on our way.  So is it any wonder that I was feeling frazzled and just DONE?

We got out to the parking lot and McKay announced that he needed to use the bathroom.  I was like, Nuh-uh.  I am so not going back into that church buliding today.  I told him he would have to hold it, that we would be home in five.  He insisted that it was an emergency.  Let me just tell you something about McKay...he loves public restrooms.  So he often has "emergencies" while we are out so that he can check out a new bathroom.  I was not falling for it today.  I told him to hold tight, we would be home soon, and I proceeded to corral my brood into the van.

Well McKay, being McKay, stood in the middle of the van and said, "Fine.  I'm going right now."  I freaked out.  I was envisioning urine-smelling carpet in my van for months to come.  I screamed, "Get out of the car!"  My thought process being, if he pees his pants, it will run onto the pavement and not onto my carpet.

The next thing I know, McKay has his pants around his ankles and he is "watering" the bushes on the median of the parking lot!  And boy oh boy, did he spray those bushes down good!  I was mortified!!  All I could think of was, "Behold, Clarke Farms Ward, here is the Bishop's kid peeing in the parking lot!  Let our family be a model and standard to you all!"  Gah.  McKay got back in the car and muttered, "I told you it was an emrgency."  That boy.

This real moment has been brought to you by the Marchant family.  Just in case you were incorrectly thinking that I have it all together.


Angie said...

Sundays are hard...always. Thanks for a good laugh.

Beth said...

Ty and McKay and Matt all did a GREAT job on their song. I got to hear their practice last week and the performance was great this week, too. I loved it! And yes, I could hear your boys singing, too (Ty for sure, anyway).

Sorry about the stress. I have had Sundays like that. Last Sunday was like that! (Though I guess nobody peed in the parking lot! Oh McKay!!)

For what it's worth, I still think we could use your family be a model and standard to us all. You are doing so many things right! And every time you give a RS lesson, I get all proud inside knowing that you are my friend! You always have such inspiring and encouraging things to share, and you do such a great job of facilitating discussion. You rock!

Heather Alcantara said...

I have one for you. Recently I could not find Ira and wanted to put the kids in the car to confine them for a moment when Hunter says he has to pee but with everyone buckled in and not fighting I was not about to take four kids back in to the church. So I told him to wait until dad came out and he would take him to the restroom. I finished buckling Cali in her seat pulled my head out of the car to see Hunter facing away from me toward the passing people of the parking lot with his pants down to his ankles. I panicked and went in front of him asking what he thought was doing. With a smile on his face he said, peeing. At this point Ira had come out of the church to see this and said that I should block him from everyone's view which I could not without getting peed on. So after he was finished we realized a family of girls had full visual of Hunter's show. Awesome. All the adults passing on a kick of it and at least he did not pee his pants. Hooray for days like this. I love boys!