Thursday, December 20, 2012

Snow Day

On Tuesday night we started getting warnings that a blizzard was on its way.  When I woke up on Wednesday morning, the snow was just beginning to fall.  I headed out to the gym, but when I returned home an hour later, the roads were already pretty slick.  School wasn't cancelled, but as the morning wore on and the snow continued to fall, I decided I was going to declare my own snow day.  Ty had yet to miss a day of kindergarten this year, and he is doing remarkably well in school.  So I emailed his teacher and told her I was keeping him home for the day.  Matt was out of school by 9:30 AM, too, since it was a finals day and he just had one to take.  I stayed in sweats all day and never even put on makeup.  So the four of us (Matt, Ty, McKay and me) spent the entire afternoon playing board games together while Annie napped.  It was super fun!  
Then I told Matt I was "letting him" be in charge of snow removal, so he shoveled and the boys "helped."  It was the perfect scenario for me--the boys got to play out in the snow and my driveway got shoveled, and I never had to leave the warmth of my home!

When they came inside, they warmed up with graham crackers dunked in hot cocoa.

What a fun day!  I might be ok with snow if I can do this every once in a while...

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