Wednesday, October 31, 2012

This is Halloween

Wow, what a whirlwind fun day!  We started out this morning with our co-op preschool at our house--something I have been doing with a couple other ladies in the ward once a week.  I have actually been really looking forward to hosting it today; I will take any excuse to throw a Halloween party!
The Crew

It was a happy coincidence that our letter of the day happened to be "H!"  We decorated "H" pages and Haunted Houses, and the kids went a little crazy with the stickers.  So fun!

Another beautiful coincidence was the fact that Annie slept from 9 last night-11AM today!  So by the time she was awake, preschool was over, meaning I didn't have to split my time between baby and preschoolers.  Kind of awesome how that worked out!
Here she is when she finally did wake up, just watching her brothers eat lunch.

In the afternoon, I put McKay down for a nap (it's times like this I'm so thankful to have Matt around!), and Annie and I went to help out in Ty's class for his Halloween party.  

I brought, and was in charge of, the bean bag toss.  Adam made the jack-o'-lantern bean bag toss for  a party we had a couple years ago, and it has been used at eight events since then.  Guess we got our money's worth out of that one! ;-)

And Annie hung out in her car seat for nearly the entire duration of the party (an hour and a half).  She is seriously the sweetest, most mellow baby ever!!

After a dinner of mummy dogs, we costumed up for our evening adventures.

Captain America


Brothers and Best Buddies

We went trick-or-treating just around our neighborhood.  McKay didn't get quite as much candy as his big brother, due to an emergency run back home for a bathroom break, but both boys fared well on the candy scene this year.
The post-trick-or-treating loot

"Holy moly!"

Annie slept in her daddy's arms as we made the rounds.  I was excited to take a picture of her snoozing in her little kitty costume.  But wouldn't you know it, she woke up right before we got home.

And this might be my favorite picture of the day!

Isn't she just the cutest little pink kitty on the planet?!

After many, many failed attempts ("McKay, I said 'Look at me!' Not, 'Lick at me!!'"), this was the best I could do of all three kiddos together.

Happy Halloween from the Marchants!


LeChem Fam said...

So cute! It looks like you guys scored big in the candy department and had a great time!

Shannon Gish said...

Oh.My.Heavens are your kids adorable. That lil' Annie is such a light-bulb and I adore your two boys. Superheros indeed.