Tuesday, October 23, 2012

4 Months

Here are some pictures of Annie taken over the last six weeks or so.  She is such a sweet-natured little dolly.  I can't tell you how many times a day I look at her and think, "She is so perfect," or, "She is so beautiful."  I honestly thought we would probably only have boys, and I honestly thought I was 100% ok with that.  I didn't realize how much I would absolutely love having a daughter.  It's the best!! 

The 4-Month White Onesie Picture

9/12/12--Her First Chilly Fall Day

Snuggling with Daddy after church

She's definitely our baldest baby yet!  But mostly I took this picture because I thought she looked so much like McKay !

See?  He is a year old in this one, as compared to her four months, but the resemblance is striking to me.  The bigger Annie gets, the more I think she looks like McKay.

I am really enjoying this stage with Annie.  I definitely think the worst is behind us--at least until she turns thirteen.  ;-)

Her 4-months stats:
Height:  25" (69%)
Weight:  11 lb. 15 oz. (9%)
Head:  15.9" (45%)

So, she's still sort of a little peanut.  In fact, both boys weighed more at 2 months old than she does at 4!

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Beth said...

She is soooooo cute! I love all her outfits and headbands and bows!

I always kind of thought she looked like Ty, but now that you mention it, she DOES look a lot like McKay. Your kids are all cut from the same cloth!

And as a fellow two-boys-than-a-girl mom, I know what you mean about that special bond with your daughter. And I know what you mean about the different growth pattern, too! The boys chunked up fast and so, in comparison, Abby felt so little for so long! (She did grow quite a bit once she started on solid food, though -- I think she completely skipped the 18M size!!)