Friday, August 17, 2012

Living the Good Life

I think we have turned a corner with Annie.  Things have gotten easier lately, and it's due in large part to this:

She puts her index finger and thumb together and sucks on them when she starts getting fussy.  Now when I put her down, instead of screaming uncontrollably, we just hear the little smacking sound of her mouth on her hand.  And it's making my quality of life much, much greater.  I remember hitting this point with McKay, too.

It was grand.  Actually, Ty sucked his thumb for a while, too.
In addition to learning how to self-soothe, Annie has been sleeping through the night. WAHOO!!  She is sleeping 7-8 hours pretty consistently now, usually from about 10PM - 5 or 6AM.  I had almost forgotten how good it feels to sleep 7 hours in a row!  So that means since I am getting a full night of sleep again, I have started working out again.  And it's really incredible how much better I feel after getting a good run in each morning.
I feel like I have found my new "normal."  We are settling into a routine, and things are looking up!
Little Lady was two months old as of yesterday.  Here are the one- and two-month-old comparison shots:
1 Month

2 Months

And while she may not look so much different than she did a month ago, the changes that have occurred in the last month have been phenomenal.


Ash said...

ohhhhhhhhh that little girl! She needs to come see me, I'm pretty sure!

Beth said...

I love Annie-pictures! She's a doll. (And the McKay picture! Awww!)

So glad she's sleeping so well for you at last. And good for you for fitting in that exercise again; I think you rock.

Bryan said...
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Breea Heiner said...

I accidentally posted under Bryan's account so that's why it's been deleted. Anyway....
YAY for a little bit of normalcy. So glad she is sleeping and dang she is CUTE!