Sunday, June 24, 2012

Lucky Seven

Adam and I have been married seven years today.  In some ways, it seems much longer than that; in other ways, it seems much shorter.  
I hardly recognize these bright-eyed kids from seven years ago:

So very much has changed since then.  We have both received degrees, we've had numerous jobs between the two of us, we have lived in various apartments, bought a house, traveled near and far, and mostly braved the ups and downs of everyday life together.  And man, oh, man, it's been a great ride!

But of everything that we've done together, clearly our greatest work has been these three:

June 24, 2012:  Annie's First Sunday at Church
My goodness, how I love them!  And how I love their Daddy!  

If there was some way that I could have had a glimpse 10 or 15 years ago into my life today, I think my heart would have absolutely thrilled at what I would have seen.  Is my life perfect?  Of course not!  But really, I have everything that I have ever wanted MOST:  incredible husband, beautiful children, gospel-centered home.   And I just feel so, so blessed.

So thank-you to the man who has helped all my best dreams come true.  I love you more today than I ever could have imagined possible when we started out seven years ago.


Ash said...

hahahahaha LOVE that picture! Ty looks thrilled, McKay looks pretty happy with an underlying tone of "what the heck?" and Annie... oh Annie. She did NOT want to go to church, Mom!!!!

Beth said...

What a great wedding picture. And I love the photo of the three kids dressed in their Sunday best! I can testify that Annie had settled down by the time she got to church! ;-)

Happy anniversary!