Friday, December 2, 2011

Here we go again...

After potty training Ty, I have since avowed that it is the most unpleasant part of parenthood.  Ty was actually pretty easy to potty train, too!  I have been somewhat concerned about taking this step with McKay, not because I didn't think he could do it, but I wasn't sure if he would do it.  He is the type of kid that wants to do things on his own timetable.  
But yesterday I decided to bite the bullet and begin the process.  As of last night, he had had four accidents (luckily only the wet ones!) and had actually gone on the potty once.  Now, that may not sound all that successful, but I was actually feeling quite encouraged.  I am almost positive Ty never actually made it in the toilet at all on his first day, so the fact that McKay did had me feeling pretty good! As of naptime today, he had gone four times on the potty and had just two accidents.  I think he's getting it!  I'm proud of him for doing so well, so quickly.  Hopefully we just keep going up from here!

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MamaT said...

That is a big hurdle for moms. At least he doesn't take a diaper off and run around naked. Sydney tells me she wants to wear big girl undies, but she doesn't always want to go in the potty. Too busy doing her thing! Good luck...let me know your tricks.