Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Big Boy Bed

My baby's not much of a baby anymore.  Besides being practically potty-trained, he made the switcheroo from the crib to big boy bed today.  McKay is more than a year older than Ty was when he started sleeping in a regular bed, but since McKay has never tried to climb out of the crib or anything, we saw no reason to make the switch yet.  Next month, though, the boys are going to start sharing a room and sleeping in bunk beds, so we wanted to get McKay adjusted to sleeping in his own bed before moving him in with Ty.  

"Thumbs up for being a big boy!"


the Youngs said...

All these fun changes :) Way to go Mckay!

Beth said...

That's awesome! How exciting that Ty and McKay will get to share a room. My boys have shared a room since Josh was four months old and it's been really fun for them. Good job on your big milestones, McKay!