Monday, October 3, 2011

Sunday: Church and Laie Temple Grounds

We're back, and I'm seriously behind.  It's going to take me some days to blog about all our Hawaii adventures.  Bear with me.  
The great debate the day before we left for Hawaii was whether or not to pack church shoes for the boys.  We were trying to pack lightly (we only checked ONE suitcase between the four of us) and I thought it would be cute for the boys to wear flip-flops to church while we were there, since that is the only time we would ever allow them to do that.  In the end, I won that debate, because I was the one doing the packing!
So, here are my boys before church, wearing ties and flip-flops.  I'm kind of obsessed with this picture.  Island culture, baby.  

And one of the family:

After church we drove over to the Laie Temple and walked around the grounds.  Oh, so beautiful.  I've seen other temples that are as picturesque, but never grounds that were so gorgeous.

Here's the entire group, all 29 of us!

And another of our fam:

At the top of the temple are four gorgeous friezes.  In the waiting room, there are miniature duplicates of them.  A temple worker explained to us that each of the four standard works are represented in the friezes.  They were awesome.

The Marchant men (pretty handsome group, huh?)

And Dwight with the Marchant ladies

It was a nice, relaxing Sunday in Hawaii.  We went to Sunset Beach on Sunday night and took family photographs, but those deserve a post in and of themselves.  

After we returned from taking pictures, the majority of the grandkids decided to jump in the jetted tub in the master bathroom.  The thing was mammoth--three shower heads and who knows how many jets.  It was nothing to put 10 kids in there.

Then Sunday night we did a family fireside.  We began by having the grandkids sing a couple songs from this year's primary program.  This picture is dark, but it's all I have.

Then each of the Marchant sons and their wives took a few minutes to express gratitude to Dwight and Rosemary for the vacation and for being so great!  It was a really special part of the trip!

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Ash said...

I love that picture of your babies! McKay looks chubby and it cracks me up :)