Monday, October 24, 2011

Saturday night we participated in a group date with several of the priests and laurels in our ward.  Adam had mentioned to the priests that we would be willing to host something like this if they were interested.  The YM planned the entire evening, with no help whatsoever from Adam.  
We began the night with some beach volleyball, which, in my mind, was the perfect activity--an extra volleyball practice!  Did I ever mention that I got called to be the YM/YW volleyball coach in addition to my primary calling?  Well, I did.  But I tried to back off on the coaching on Saturday.  After all, we were on a date, and it was just for fun.  And it was really fun!
When it was too dark to see the ball properly, we headed to our house for some graham cracker haunted house-making.  The guys had gathered all sorts of candies, cookies, and icings to decorate with, so the possibilities were nearly limitless!  I loved the amount of creativity exploding in my dining room!  We have some pretty talented young people in our ward!

Here's the group as we were just getting started:

And here are the finished products.  Brilliant!

Here's Adam showing off our combined masterpiece--complete with pumpkin patch, graveyard, and some spooky Halloween characters.

A close up of our ghost (and if you look closely you can see a noosed gummy bear.  Yep, I was feeling a little gruesome right then).

And this was my proudest creation of the evening, little Franky.  And all this time you thought I wasn't creative!

We had a super fun time!  It was a little weird to think that we have been on group dates with some of these kids' parents, but that's the awesome thing about our position in life right now.  We can be friends with the middle-age couples and their kids!

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