Monday, August 31, 2009

Trial by Fire

Now that we are settling into our new home and life is slowing down a bit, I decided that my blogging hiatus is over! We closed on our house two weeks ago, and then we learned firsthand that home-ownership is not all fun and games. A bunch of Adam's friends from our ward helped him install a new toilet, laundry and kitchen appliances, and do a few other fix-ups before we moved in. Well, both our over-the range microwave and fridge were too large for the spaces that were alloted them. That was so frustrating!! Kitchen cabinets were removed and cut down so that they would fit. The next day, my friend Kim and I were at the house painting when Kim noticed water dripping from the kitchen light. AHHH!! Apparently, the washing machine hose was not tightened down enough, and there was water leaking from our upstairs laundry through the floor into the kitchen. Talk about stress!! I quickly turned the water off, but damage had already been done to the drywall on the kitchen ceiling. To make a long story short, Adam and I spent all of that week painting, packing, cleaning, moving, and trying to repair the damage at our home. We never went to bed before 2 AM all week long, and Adam was up most nights until about 4 AM. We were cranky and so stressed out!
On Thursday night, Adam and I were both at the house working. Our friend Mel was at our house with our sleeping kids so that we could get work done. At about 11:00 PM, I decided I should head back to our apartment so that Mel could get home. On the way home, my car died. No kidding. I was already at the breaking point and couldn't believe that one more thing could possibly go wrong! Adam came and met me with the other car, and a policeman stopped to help, too. They got the car pushed to a parking lot where it would be out of the way. Then, our friend, Jeff, came with his truck to help us tow the car home. Along the way, the tow rope broke. Seriously??!! Jeff got another one, and they got the car home, but that ended up being another ridiculously late night.
Saturday was moving day. When I got up in the morning, my phone wouldn't work. I tried everything I could think of to do, but it was just busted. I couldn't do anything but laugh. Of course it was broken! Why wouldn't it be?! Other than that, the day went pretty well. We got everything moved over to our house and began the unpacking process.
Now, a week and a half later, things are far more calm! The water damage has been taken care of, most of our big projects are done, most of our things are unpacked, our car is working again, and I have a new phone! It was probably the most stressful week of my entire life, and I have to say that I am glad it's done! Like I said, things are far better now, and we are loving our new house! I will post pictures of how it looks later, as well as pictures from our trip to Utah for Ashleigh's wedding.


Marianne said...

Holy cow! I guess when it rains it pours! I am glad that all is well now! Congrats again on the new house!

Chanda & Curtis Moore said...

what doesnt kill you, makes you stronger.
At least it's all behind you now & you can hopefully enjoy homeownership!

Nate and Jessica said...

Wow, hope you get a break from stuff like that for awhile now!

Kylee said...

I am so sorry! That is a whole slew of junk you had to go through. I just got done (I hope) with a time like that too. Hopefully your house will bring you more joy now!

Mari said...

Oh goodness, I can't believe you survived all that! You deserve some major blessings woman! Or at least a full night of sleep.

John and SJ said...

Ah...that all sounds way too familiar. We had a huge leak from our upstairs bathroom that leaked down through the ceiling to the first floor. Alas, my dad the plumber lives in Utah...not a quick trip. You learn quickly though. I'm glad things are better now though.