Friday, December 19, 2008

Ty is now 18 months old, and he is hilarious and exasperating all at once.  I have two funny Ty stories that I wanted to write down, so that I don't forget them.
A couple of days ago, Ty and I were out running errands.  We stopped at the bank, and without my realizing it, Ty snatched a pen from the counter.  Unfortunately, this pen had no cap.  We got back in the car, I buckled Ty in his carseat, and we were on our way.  A few minutes later, I heard an unearthly shriek from the back seat.  I turned around to see Ty grabbing his eye, and realized he must have stabbed himself in the eye with the uncapped pen.  To make matters worse, he had written all over his face, ears, and head with the black ink!  Of course I was driving, so there wasn't a whole lot I could do.  I simply turned the car around and drove home.  I couldn't finish my errands with my shrieking, "artistic" son in the condition he was in!
This second story made Adam laugh like crazy when I told it to him, and I could tell he was as proud as can be!  Ty LOVES basketball.  I mean, I literally can not often convince him to do anything else.  He has a basketball hoop, but it is tall enough that he can not reach it to shoot on his own.  Usually, Adam or I have to lift him up to shoot the ball.  He has recently figured out, though, that if he climbs on the rocking chair in his room, he can stand on that to shoot the basketball into the basket on his own.  The problem, obviously, is that it is a rocking chair. He has taken a few headers off it in the last few days!  Yesterday, I walked into his room just in time to see him faceplant off the rocking chair onto the floor.  He came up crying, and I asked him if he wanted a hug.  He quickly responded, "NO!  BALL!"  And he climbed right back up again.  He is definitely all boy.  

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Heather said...

so great - ya, it's crazy how fast they can scribble with a pen/marker! Same thing happened to Olivia-

You are the cutest mom and I love hearing your guys stories! Fun to keep in touch even though we rarely see each other.

Have a merry christmas