Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Came Early at the Marchant Home!

Yesterday, we celebrated Christmas together as a family. We are flying to Utah tomorrow to be with our families for the holiday, so we wanted to do our own family Christmas morning before we went. As cute as Ty was last Christmas, he was so much more fun this year!! He was crazy about unwrapping the presents, and then completely overwhelmed by his new toys. He kept running back and forth between the new toys, trying to decide which he wanted to play with most. It was so fun to watch! It was also way nice to be able to spend the whole day together as a family. Adam is usually busy doing something on Saturdays, but he was able to delegate all responsibilities to others so that he could be with us for the day. It was wonderful! In the afternoon, we went to a nearby rec center. Adam and Ty went swimming (which Ty LOVED!) while I got in a good workout. In the evening, we had our ward Christmas party. Santa showed up at the party, and Ty sat on his lap. Ty was not the slightest bit afraid of the big guy! He just kept saying, "Ho, ho, ho!" So cute!


Mari said...

Merry early Christmas! I hope you have a great time in Utah. And I would have loved to see Ty "ho ho ho-ing" back at Santa. That is super cute!

Allison said...

Very fun. You're most likely coming from snow to more snow. It's sure a winter wonderland in Utah. Have a good time with the families.

Silent Thunder said...

Hope you guys have a Merry Christmas! Travel safely.