Thursday, July 17, 2008

Funny Story...

One of Ty's obsessions is playing with our cell phones (and I apologize to all of you who he has called while I wasn't paying attention!). Last night Adam said to me, "Meg, Ty was playing with my phone, and I have no idea where he put it. Could you call it so we can find it?" When I called his phone we could only hear a very faint ringing. We were searching all over the house, and then realized the ringing was loudest in the kitchen, although it was still really quiet in there. We opened all the cupboards, under the table, etc., and it was no where to be found! Finally Adam opened the dishwasher.

Another of Ty's obsessions: the dishwasher. We should have known.

While we are on the subject of Ty's stinker-ness, check out these pictures. He has become a real champ at emptying his wipe container. It takes some serious energy to keep up with this kid these days!

1 comment:

Cady said...

Oh man, if J and Ty were together again, they would be quite the trouble making pair! He looks so sweet and innocent too when he is pulling all the wipes out:)