Thursday, July 5, 2012

Our Fourth

We had a pretty low-key Independence Day this year.  New baby=low motivation to do anything crazy.  But it was fun, regardless.
Our ward had a breakfast at the park that we attended.  The highlight for the kids was the Bike Parade. They decorated their bikes and rode them around the park while the adults watched.

When it's already 90 degrees at 9:30 in the morning, you take shade wherever and however you can get it, even if it means scrunching into your baby sister's car seat!

In the afternoon, Adam stayed home kids while I went shopping.  As part of my birthday present this year, he gave me a gift card to shop for what I call "In the Meantime" clothes.  You know, when your maternity clothes are too huge, but you are still way too big to fit in your "normal" clothes.  I hate shopping for "In the Meantime" clothes, because you don't look like you want to, so clothes don't look the way you want them to on you.  But since we are taking a trip to Utah next week, I thought it was prudent to at least have a couple pairs of pants that fit me.  And, oh, I SO appreciated the time alone out of the house!
We also tried to get our annual Kids-in-Red-White-and-Blue-Attire photos.  We are quickly finding it is  very difficult/impossible to get a decent shot of all three kids at once.

Well, we tried anyway.

Since our local firework show was cancelled (smart, since half of our state is on fire!), we decided to go see the new movie, Brave.  Adam and I both liked it, but neither of the boys did.  It was a bit intense for them.  And Annie slept like a champ all the way through it.
So, it was a bit of an unconventional Fourth of July.  But it was good!

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Beth said...

I don't know if you were wearing "in the meantime" clothes when I saw you yesterday, but you sure looked cute! I agree that it's SO hard to find clothes for that stage -- I think gift cards for them sounds like a good birthday present!

I think the pics you posted are SUPER cute!! I love their festive outfits -- Annie's especially. She is a adorable.