Sunday, April 1, 2012

Spring Break!

This past week was the first of our two-week Spring Break.  Truthfully, I viewed the break with some trepidation.  Matt (aka the entertainment committee!) was flying to Utah to spend the week with our parents, and all our normal scheduled activities were cancelled.  I needn't have worried, though, apparently.  The weather was phenomenal all week long, in the mid- to high-70's and even low 80's!  We lived outside all week long, visiting the park almost every day, walking around the block, and playing in the backyard.  We had lunch at friend's houses two separate days, had the missionaries over for dinner one night, got an Easter package in the mail from G&G Marchant, decorated for Easter, and otherwise had a great time!
In addition, we went to dinner at Chuck E. Cheese's one night to celebrate McKay's birthday.  True, it's not for another two weeks, but since we will be in Utah for his actual birthday, and we had time off, it seemed like a good idea! 

It was only the second time Ty had been there, and the first visit for McKay, and they LOVED it.

Friday night the boys had their "friend night" while Adam and I went on a date.  We went mini-golfing, and truthfully, it seemed a little weird without the boys.  It went surprisingly quickly, and I was also surprisingly much better without having to keep an eye on my little people!  I had a 6-stroke lead at one point in the game, but alas, it was a high-stakes game (loser had to give victor a back rub) and I choked.  I lost by one measly stroke.  Ugh.  I still need to pay up on that one...

Saturday we enjoyed watching General Conference, and the boys did remarkably well listening and coloring quietly.  On Saturday night, while all the dads were at Priesthood session, we invited some friends over and had an ice cream party.  The kids ran wild in the backyard, and I got to relax with some good friends.  It was perfect.

So, a week that I had mostly been dreading turned into a red-letter week.  Each night as I went to bed, exhausted but happy, I thought to myself, "If today was my last day on earth, then that would be the perfect way to spend it!"  And I guess that's a pretty good measure that things are as they should be.
Here's to week two of Spring Break being equally awesome!

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