Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Talent Show

The youth in our ward had a talent show for mutual last night, organized by the Beehive class.  It was so entertaining!  Somehow, Adam convinced me to sing a duet with him.  I have to admit, I am pretty self-conscious about singing in public, not because I have never done it before, but because I really don't enjoy doing it.  I feel like I have a great choir voice--I can hold my part and blend in in a crowd--but I don't think my voice is solo quality at all.  So, this was kind of going out on a limb for me.  Here we are, a la Tim and Faith, singing, It's Your Love.

Besides that little mess-up at the beginning, we felt decently good about the rest.  And apparently the Beehives liked it, too--we came home with a second place ribbon.  First place went to the YW leaders performing a hilarious skit--there was just no competing with that!

Sorry for posting this without permission, ladies!  You knew we were recording it!


the Youngs said...

Loved your song! Seriously, yesterday I put on Tim and Faith all morning. Good job you two!

lanita said...

Dear, brave Meggin. You have a LOVELY voice! Choir voice only? Psha. Whatev. You two sounded awesome!