Sunday, February 20, 2011


That's what I have jokingly been calling Adam--he turned the big 3-0 yesterday!  We celebrated by having a big birthday bash on Friday night.  Yesterday, our whole family chilled in our pajamas until about noon.  That never happens (unless it's Christmas) and it was AWESOME!  The boys were so excited to give their daddy his presents.  I usually let the kids pick something out for him.  Not surprisingly, McKay chose him a baseball:

And Ty got him some Lightning McQueen cars.  I am sure Daddy will have lots of fun with those!

Adam has signed up for an Olympic Tri in June, so his parents and I got him some gear for that.

But my very favorite thing to give him was a book I created (with a lot of help from family and friends!).  30 different people wrote stories and memories about Adam, and I compiled them into a book.  He loved it as much as I hoped he would!  Thanks again to all who contributed!

I interviewed each of the boys for the book.  I'm going to post their responses because I think they're just so darn cute!

An interview with Ty, age 3 ½, about his daddy

Mom:  What is daddy’s name?
Ty:  Ad.  That’s what you call him:  Ad.  I call him Dad. 

Mom:  What do you like most about daddy?
Ty:  Daddy’s dresser.

Mom:  What do you and daddy like to do together?
Ty:  He usually plays baseball with me.  Sometimes soccer and football, too.

Mom:  What is daddy’s favorite food?
Ty:  Soup!  ( Remember that this was right after he had his jaw surgery and that's all he had eaten for two weeks!)

Mom:  If you could give daddy any present for his birthday, what would it be?
Ty:  Maybe a brand new garbage truck!

Mom:  Who are daddy’s friends?
Ty:  Jeff, and you, Mom.  Oh, and Jake’s dad, too. 

Mom:  Where is daddy’s favorite place to go?
Ty:  To work.  Wuh-wuh-wuh-work.  What letter says wuh-wuh-wuh?  W!

Mom:  How old is daddy going to be on his birthday?
Ty:  I don’t know.

Mom:  Take a guess.
Ty: 29.

Mom:  Do you love daddy?
Ty:  Yeah.

Mom:  I love my daddy because…
Ty:  I love him so.

An interview with McKay, age 21 months, about his daddy

Mom:  Where does daddy like to go?
McKay:  Wuk (Work).

Mom:  What do you and daddy like to do together?
McKay:  Shoot baketbow (basketball) in da hoop.

Mom:  What present do you want to give daddy for his birthday?
McKay:  Um, wadepops (lollipops).

Mom:  What does daddy like to eat for dinner?
McKay:  Hot dog!!

Mom:  Do you love daddy?
McKay:  Yeah.

Mom:  I love my daddy because…
McKay:  (Laughs).

Adam spent the afternoon yesterday "breaking in" his new road bike.  He went on a 20-mile ride with a friend.  He came home with a big grin on his face, saying he had a blast.

We went out to dinner last night, just the two of us.  We went to Wash Park Grill, a definite favorite!  The food there is so beautiful you almost don't want to eat it, but then you do anyway, and you're so glad  you did because it's to die for delicious!
It was such a fun day.  I'm grateful for my (OLD!) husband who makes my life so great!


Nichols Family said...

How fun! A big Happy Belated Birthday to Adam. 1981 was a good year! ;)

Michelle said...

What a fun day! Happy Birthdy Adam, you look great! :)

Heather said...

Yikes! If Adam is grandpa, I will be called grandma in a few weeks. Ugh. Happy Birthday Adam!

Mari said...

Happy birthday Adam! I loved the interviews with the boys.
So, sidenote... I want you to blog the story of Josh's new baby. It was a good one I take it?

LeChem Fam said...

That makes turning 30 totally worth it! Welcome to the 30's club!

The Castleton Family said...

HAHA!! I LOVED reading through those interviews with your boys!! that totally just made me laugh out loud some of those answers!! happy 30th to adam!!

The Hoggan's said...

Just found your blog! It is so stinkin cute! Happy Birthday Adam. Welcome to the 30 club! The Marchant family is adorable. Hopefully now we can do better at staying in touch!

Mari said...

So even though I already commented here, I just wanted to let you know I gave you a couple awards on my blog. yay!

Nichols Family said...

Oh no, no's really not that nice of a car. It's just nice to me... bargain shopper try to get everything free, me. Honestly, Toyota Siennas are second only to the Honda Odyssey. Mazda makes a nice (better gas mileage but much smaller) minivan. DON'T get a Dodge Caravan or Kia Whatevertheycallit. They rank very lowest in Consumer Reports & are known to be bad news. Hopefully you can get a good deal.

Mary Ann (Crockett) Ahlstrom said...

Who you callin' old?! 29 is not old. YIKES! I am 29 too. Crazy!

Heather said...

love it, and 30 is a big milestone I'm trying to come to grips with in a few weeks myself-
love your gift ideas, and you are such a great mom!