Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Ashleigh's Wedding

We were able to go to Utah again in August for my little sister's wedding. I drove out with the boys so that I could be there longer, and then Adam flew in later. I was a little nervous about driving with the boys, but they were PHENOMENAL. Seriously. McKay slept nearly the whole trip, and Ty didn't make a peep the entire time, thanks in large part to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and our portable DVD player.
It was a fun week. We definitely loved spending time with our families, and Ty got more treats in a week then he gets in a month at home!

Ashleigh made a beautiful bride!

My family at the Manti Temple. My older brother, Josh, and his family moved to Virginia a couple weeks before the wedding, and we sure missed them there!

I thought this was a super-fun picture of Ash and the bridesmaids!

Our little fam at the reception

Ty ran around like crazy and basically wreaked havoc everywhere he went!

And Mac was pretty chill, just like usual.

Grandma and Grandpa Marchant made it down to the reception, too.

This little girl used to be my best buddy when I was in high school and she was about 2. Her family lived next door to mine and she would always sneak out of her house and walk into ours. I would often find her hanging out in my room when I got home! It was SO fun to see her again!

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