Thursday, January 22, 2009

Denver Children's Museum

Look at me, Mom!

Ty and friends in the fire truck

Maniac behind the wheel

Going fishing from the boat

Ty's favorite exhibit--the kid-sized basketball court!

Grocery shopping

Is this one ripe?

Yesterday Ty and I went to the Denver Children's Museum with some friends. We had a blast! In the year and a half we have lived in Denver, I had no idea that such a treasure existed practically in our backyard! We will definitely be getting an annual family pass!


Allison said...

Wow, that looks like a neat place!? Doesn't look to busy either which makes it nice.

Allison said...

From one teacher to another, sorry about using the wrong "too" woops

Katie and Brandon said...

Hey Meggin, I found your blog through Jenni's. I love the blogging world! Anyway, so good to see pictures of your family. I can't believe how big Ty is! Congratulations on your upcoming baby... is the pregnancy a little easier the 2nd time? Lunches aren't the same without you but you look very happy where you are!

Sarah Keith said...

He looks just like you Meggs!